Underwater Marathon

Helping Provide World-Class Care to America's Injured Warriors


"A program like this is able to take him out of the unit where you have the day-to-day business, where you have the distractions, all the things that keep him from fully healing and is able to do a compressive look and able to get him back up on his feet where he needs to be and able to go back on the team and fully fit."
Wounded Warrior, Special Operations
Former Auburn star battling unique injury

The Eagle Fund & Underwater Marathon Story

The Idea has roots in 2001

A former Auburn University and San Francisco 49er’s linebacker, Alex Lincoln, breaks his neck and is forced to retire from football — the game he loved.

Following his recovery, Alex transfers his passion for athletics into a career at Athletes’ Performance and it’s there he meets a special Navy SEAL.

The Special Forces Connection is Formed

In 2007, Marcus Luttrell, a former SEAL and author of "Lone Survivor" is recovering at Athletes’ Performance from injuries gained during the war on terror in Afghanistan. Using the same continuum of care that Athletes’ Performance uses for professional athletes, they begin to heal and restore his body and are ultimately successful in restoring his quality of life.

Following his recovery, Luttrell asks a few simple questions:

How come our military does not receive the same intensive care that pro athletes receive?


Why can’t we return to duty at the rate of success that pro athletes return?

When he leaves Athletes’ Performance, he gives them a gift and tells them to take his money and ensure that his injured brothers have the same opportunity he has been given.

The Eagle Fund Takes Flight

Marcus’ suggestion begins to germinate in the mind of Alex Lincoln, one of the leaders at Athletes’ Performance in Pensacola. Recalling his own struggle for answers following his injury stricken career, he approaches the leadership at Athletes’ Performance and The Andrews Institute to help create a program and charitable fund for the effort.

Together, Athletes’ Performance and the innovative medical minds at The Andrews Institute establish the Eagle Fund, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit foundation. Luttrell’s effort, passion and dedication had inspired the Eagle Fund to become a full time program. Since he left the program, monies have been raised in support of the Eagle Fund and we have continued to help wounded warriors get back to the job they love!

Why an Underwater Marathon?


While enrolled in the Eagle Fund program, wounded warriors experience a program that Athletes’ Performance calls "Intensive Restoration Therapy." It is an integrated training system that incorporates performance training, nutrition, and physical therapy to meet the demands and rigors of being in the military. A part of this training involves water therapy and conditioning in a HydroWorx 2000 Pool.

HydroWorx has worked with wounded special forces at Athletes’ Performance and other military sites throughout the U.S. They are committed to helping heal wounded warriors and supporting their journey "back to the fight."

The Underwater Marathon was created to support the Eagle Fund and channel HydroWorx’s passion to help these men return to the field of battle and a high quality of life at home.

Please come to Hershey, PA and join us at the first ever Underwater Marathon!

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